The 'title' - it's been taken from the words of the great Robert Bresson, an iconoclastic artist and a philosopher. Bresson, a singular film-maker, once wrote, 'build your film on white, on silence, and on stillness,' expressing a philosophy that the action on screen shouldn't be for intentional purposes. That cinema is about less rather than more.

Bresson was referring to cinema in general. Though, cinema today - the west, especially, has drastically changed. To some for the better and to some for the worst. Cinema, in its truest form, has been stepped upon. Pure cinema that is, has been the hostage of the very inventions that man is behind. We have to ask ourselves, is technology being utilized in the right manner, which is to capture imagery, characters, the story, the conflict.  

Man, who is a student of art, is inspired by art. But man is also on the verge of its absolute destruction. Man is not aware any longer that the viewing of the picture on the canvas - the motion picture on the screen, should it be a product of gimmickry or education. Education to understand life.  Education to end a conflict within the society that the man is a member of. 

Those who find themselves inspired by "the cinema" are on a quest to help reconstruct the cinema of awareness, information, education - cinema of soul, life and personality.

"It is in its pure form that an art hits hard."

- Robert Bresson